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Public healthcare institutes: labour companies facing staff shortage?
Lartigau, J.

LARTIGAU, J. (2013), "Les établissements publics de santé : des « entreprises » de main d'œuvre confrontées à la rareté du personnel ? ", in CALMETTE, F.-F. (dir), La santé publique à l'épreuve de la rareté, Presses universitaires d'Aix-Marseille


Public healthcare institutes, particularly hospitals, are first of all companies because they have a moral personality (De Kervasdoué, 2011). They are also labour companies facing a serious problem of staff shortage. Is this scarcity real or dreamed? Is there really a growing phenomenon of personal resources scarcity - either medical staff or paramedical staff - or is this problem overestimated?

This book chapter investigates first the fact that staff scarcity in the healthcare sector has a paradoxical feature: the perception of staff shortage is strong but the number of healthcare staff has never been so high in France. Second, the chapter shows that the phenomenon of scarcity is known but not bound to happen: some measures could - and have to - be implemented to avoid this phenomenon to grow and to bring difficulties for a rising number of fellow citizens.



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