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Outsourcing in the french health care system: the origin of a taboo
Pauget, B., Cabrol, M., Lartigau, J.

PAUGET, B., CABROL, M., LARTIGAU, J. (2012), « L'externalisation dans le système de santé français : éléments d'explication d'un tabou », Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, n° 88, pp. 55-71



"Using an exploratory study, we try to understand why the outsourcing is little used among french hostpitals. We show that if the actors have nothing against the ousourcing process, it can be linked to the concept of sacrality. It can break their conception of the sacrality causing some difficult situations for the health professionals."


Keywords: outsourcing, health care, hospital, private hospital, sacrality


(Source: CAIRN)

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