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Implementing managerial innovations: Lessons from two case studies
Bérard, E., Bonnier, C., Saulpic, O., Zarlowski, P.
BERARD, E., BONNIER, C., SAULPIC, O., ZARLOWSKI, P. (2015)"Implementing managerial innovations: Lessons from two case studies", British Journal of Healthcare Management, 21(3)125-129


Objectives: To address the challenges of implementing managerial innovations in hospitals. Setting: Two mid-size French public hospitals. Methods: Longitudinal case studies. Results: In the two cases presented, managerial innovations (new financial dashboards) were considered central by both clinicians and management to adapt to recent institutional changes and increased economic pressures. However, these innovations failed to support the change processes as initially expected, even though actors did grow accustomed to new approaches, roles, and modes of reasoning in the process. Conclusion: When implemented in a specific organisational context, management tools interact strongly with the environment, thus creating local situations that depend both on the tools and the sociotechnical context. In practice, the tools' actual functions may be richer than merely that of a control or decision support. Therefore, some key points need to be addressed by managers to better support the process at work when implementing innovations. 

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