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Tableaux de bord à l’hôpital : (Re)définir localement leur finalité et leur mode d’utilisation [Dashboards in hospitals: defining anew their goals and usage]
Saulpic, O., Bonnier, C., Hubert, J.

SAULPIC O, BONNIER C., HUBERT J. (2013), « Tableaux de bord à l'hôpital : (Re)définir localement leur finalité et leur mode d'utilisation »,  Gestions Hospitalières, n°529, pp. 500-503



Performance measurement and its tools like dashboards are growing in heathcare institutes, often promoted by obvious statements like "we only manage what we measure". However, outcomes resulting from the implementation of dashboards are mitigated. Thanks to some theoretical elements and a real case analysis, the authors aim at demonstrating that the goals of these tools are possibly multiple and that their outcome depends on how local players define their own expectations towards such tools in terms of content and usage.


Keywords: dashboards, indicator, methodology, organization, panoramic dashboard, management dashboard


(Source: Gestions Hospitalières [in French])

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