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‘Nudging’ behaviours in healthcare management: Insights from Behavioural Economics
Voyer, B.G.

VOYER, B.G. (2015) "'Nudging' behaviours in healthcare: insights from behavioural economics", British Journal of Healthcare Management, 21 (3). pp. 130-135.


Since the creation of the Behavioural Insight Team in 2010, the word 'nudge' has become a popular one in social and public policy. According to policymakers and managers, applications of behavioural economics to public sector management results in increased policy efficiency and savings. This article offers a critical perspective on the topic, and discusses how the application of behavioural economics can foster innovative healthcare management. It first reviews behavioural economics principles and demonstrates how these can be used in healthcare management. Second, it discusses the methodological aspects of applying behavioural economics principles. Finally, limitations and current issues within the field are discussed.

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