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  • Berard, E., Denis, J. L, Saulpic, O, Zarlowski, P.
    Berard, E., Denis, J. L., Saulpic, O., & Zarlowski, P. (2018). Amendments to Reporting of QI Interventions: Insights from the Concept of Affordances. In Managing Improvement in Healthcare (pp. 43-58). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Abstract Quality Improvement (QI) interventions are used extensively to solv ...
  • Carey, K., Stefos, T.
    This paper estimates the excess cost of hospital inpatient care due to adverse safety events in the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals during fiscal year 2007. We measured adverse events according to the Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) algorithms of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ...
  • Sirriyeh, R., Lawton, R., Armitage, G., Gardner, P., Ferguson, S.
    Leadership has been proposed as a key latent factor influencing the safety culture of an organization, the likelihood of errors occurring and the way in which these are managed. Therefore, when an error occurs, managers have an integral role to ensure that the most desirable outcomes are achieved for patient ...
  • De Geuser, F., Saulpic, O.
    SAULPIC O, DE GEUSER F. (2007), « Hôpitaux : une gestion à repenser », Le Monde, 27 décembre 2007   In this article Fabien de Geuser and Olivier Saulpic analyse the main features of the government hospital reform. They underline the structuring points of the reform and their implication ...
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