Dr Davide SOLA
Associate professor of strategy
ESCP Europe (London, UK) - Deparment of Strategy, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources


Corporate transformation, strategic renewal, entrepreneurship across industries with a particular focus on healthcare sector, and applied enterprise economics.

Professor Sola has been involved in a number of engagements in the domain of healthcare management in particular he has investigated a number of wide ranging themes from the role of Public-Private- Partnership as a way to support the healthcare investments to the opportunities of introducing innovative processes such as "healthcare pathways" and "care management" as a way to improve the quality of care and improve the overall sustainability.

Research projects in the medical sector:

  • Research project on the evaluation and impact of health path design for chronic diseases (Sola D., Couturier J., Scarso Borioli G., Pagana G.)
  • Research project on how technology solution (in particular internet of things solutions) can overcome some of the organizational and structural barriers to make the Healthcare more sustainable (Sola D., Couturier J., Scarso Borioli G., Pagana G.)

Other Projects:

  • Corporate mindset as an underlying performance driver
  • Transformation in action
  • How to unleash the power of free-markets economic principles within the corporate world


Published articles

COUTURIER J., SOLA D., SCARSO-BORIOLI G., RAICIU C., (2012), "How can the Internet of Things help to overcome current healthcare challenges", Communications and Strategies, 3rd Q., Issue 87, pp 67-81, 15 p.

Research reports - Working papers

COUTURIER J., SOLA D., RAICIU C., (2012), "A pan-European comparative analysis on national approaches to cancer: the cases of France, the UK and the Netherlands", ESCP Europe Working Paper, ESCP Europe, Paris, 30 p.

Case studies & Pedagogical tools

COUTURIER J., SOLA D., TSE T., "The Merger of Alliance UniChem and Boots the Chemists : Is there the chemistry between them?", European Case Clearing House


2005: Doctorate in Enterprise Economics (thesis on "Organizational transformation") - University of Turin

Dissertation: "Mindset & Behaviour. A source of competitive advantage", Doctoral Dissertation , Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale, Università di Torino

1998:  Master's in European Management, Dipom Kaufmann, Diplôme des Grandes Ecoles, Laurea in Economia from Universita di Torino - ESCP Europe and the University of Turin


Since 2007: ESCP Europe (London, UK) - Associate Professor of Strategy

2006-2010: Director- ESCP Europe (London, UK)

2003: ESCP Europe (Turin, Italy) - Vice-President of the Board of the school

2003: MacKinsey & Co., Italy - Engagement Manager in charge of projects ranging from post-merger integration to turnaround of state-owned companies

Early after his graduation he has been involved in a number of technology Start-ups, first in Oxford through the Oxford Centre for Innovation, then in London under the umbrella of a number of venture capital and private equity firms. He then moved to join the Hartley Investment Trust, a private equity firm based in London specialised in corporate restructuring and investment in fast growing organisations where he worked as Head of New Ventures.


Organizational and strategy area - business strategy, HR management, change management, organizational design, business transformation and innovation [in post-graduate and graduate courses]

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