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Improving quality of life: We will not have a quality life if we do not take care of our health

The outcome of healthcare delivery is the result of a complex ecosystem made of many distinct stakeholders (physicians and medical and non-medical personnel, care organisations, payers, drug companies, medical technology companies, etc.) which operate under very different assumptions and sometime conflicting methods of work, causing inefficiencies, and most of all a major barrier for the change and transformation.

1. Idea

We strongly believe that a "healthy" future for the healthcare sector can only be found by a re-thinking of the existing ecosystem in its entirety. This is the driving principle behind the idea of developing a workshop series by the name of VISION 2050: In Search of Creative Solutions which aims at investigating how to increase quality of care while reducing the overall cost. 


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17th March, 2012 16th April, 2012 21st May, 2012 7th - 8th June, 2012
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