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Disruption (Brexit): The Opportunities for Greater Co-operation

We are delighted to announce that ESCP Europe Business School and its Health Management Innovation Centre are taking part as media partners at this year's "Disruption (Brexit): The Opportunities for Greater Co-operation Conference" organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the UK.

The Chamber's most important event is its Annual Conference, first held in 1981. It was originally scheduled just prior to the International Monetary Fund as an informal get together of the participants en route from Italy to Washington or one of the other venues abroad. Over the years it has became a significant event in its own right and an obligatory date on the calendar of anyone dealing with Italy and the UK.

This year's theme will bring together senior bankers, economists, lawyers and businesspeople from Italy and the UK involved in a wide spectrum of business activities between the two countries. Speakers and Guests of Honour are of the highest level as evidenced by the "History of the Conferences" attached below and have included Government ministers and representatives of both countries.

Speakers of this year:
  • Maurizio Bragagni - CEO, Tratos Ltd
  • Mike Butler - Head of Group Resilience at Barclays (TBC)
  • Giuseppe Castagna - CEO, Banco BPM
  • The Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP - Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Pietro Foschi - Director, Strategic Delivery, Global System Certification & Training, Group Marketing - BSI
  • Robert Macfarlane - Director, Assistant Director UK Resilience Training and Doctrine - Cabinet Office
  • Gina Miller - Founding Partner, SCM Direct
  • Prof. Patrick Minford - Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School
  • Marco Piantini - Senior Adviser to Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on EU & BREXIT

The Conference is followed by a formal luncheon, and other receptions and dinners are usually held in honour of the participants.

Guest of Honour: Sir Rocco Forte

The day before, 30th November 2017, we will celebrate the fourth edition of the "Talented Young Italians" Award followed by a cocktail and a gala dinner with another important prize-giving ceremony, the "Keynes Sraffa" Award. For further information regarding this event please visit"


To register, please visit the event's site.

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