The ESCP Europe Granted Research Center (GRC) is highly concerned with the link between research and teaching. We consider the dissemination of resarch finding through education as a challenge based on understanding and helping hospital transformations. 
Becauseof the recent and still ongoing changes in hospital governances, there is a very high demand in executive education both for clinicians and hospital managers - in the public and private sector but also at the ministry level and in agencies depending from the ministry as well.
Thus the GRC members are already involved in several programs in executif education and graduate and post-graduate courses.  


Moreover, the research stance of the GRC - which often relies on in-depth field work and analysis is naturally conducive- is favorable to the development of pedagogical case studies. Several team members have already developed and publishedcase studies ans are thus skilled in this exercice. To our knowledge there is a lack of case studies focused on hospital management, while sector-based would be an asset if we want to develop, and increase the visibility of our training programs in the field. 



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